Shear Test

Evaluates material strength by subjecting a metal sample to a shearing force until it fractures. Measures resistance to deformation and provides crucial data for design and quality control.


Tensile Test

Determines mechanical properties by stretching a metal sample until it breaks. Measures tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation, aiding in material selection, manufacturing, and structural analysis.


Impact Test

Assesses material's ability to withstand sudden loading or impact forces. A sample is struck with a pendulum or hammer, measuring its resistance to fracture and determining toughness and resilience. Crucial for evaluating material behavior in dynamic applications and ensuring structural integrity.


Ram-Tensile Test

A specialized variant of the tensile test that evaluates the mechanical properties of a metal sample using a ram or hydraulic press. The sample is subjected to a controlled axial force until it fractures, providing data on tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation. Particularly useful for large or heavy specimens where conventional testing methods may not be feasible.


Bend Test

Determines the ductility and flexibility of a metal sample by subjecting it to a bending force. The material is bent to a specified angle or radius, assessing its ability to withstand plastic deformation without cracking or fracturing. Commonly used for evaluating the quality and suitability of metals in applications requiring bending or forming processes.


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